Xy found the car wouldn’t start this morning. Or rather, it would start sometimes and run for as long as thirty seconds and then die. Other times it wouldn’t really start at all. We called a cab but she ended up getting a ride with the neighbor across the street. I got Trep’s to come […]

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I got a panicked call from Xy. She had just flushed her keys down the toilet at Sears. I was incredulous. “All of them?” “All of them.” The Sears employees tried to help, but there wasn’t anything they could do. It’s one of those high-suction toilets. The keys are long gone. The problem is I […]

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This morning I had a delicious breakfast at the Runcible Spoon with Ron Osgood and Thom Gillespie. Afterwards, I blew a stop sign at 4th & Dunn. I don’t know if I was tired or fiddling with the radio or what. I just didn’t see the sign. The good news is that this screw-up didn’t […]

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By purposefully having way too much withheld from our paychecks, Xy and I got our biggest tax refund ever — almost $3,000. Combined with most of our savings, I just now used the refund to pay off the $4,000 remaining on our car loan. This all happened electronically — the tax filing, the refund, the […]

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Our neighbor Geraldine’s car was stolen last night — again. She suspects the people in the blue house two over from us. Everybody says they’re drug dealers, and Geraldine says she’s about ready to call the police on them, “selling drugs right out of the house like that.” Last time Geraldine’s car was stolen, Xy […]

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The Times-Picayune reports that a record producer named John Fischbach had his drivers license temporarily confiscated for speeding in a school zone, just like Xy a couple weeks ago. He got pissed off about it, and he is challenging the constitutionality of the law. Xy will be happy to hear about this.

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Xy’s string of bad luck continues… On Monday she got a parking ticket while at the library, getting books for her students. On Tuesday she got a black eye during Phys. Ed. This morning she called me on her cellphone to say she’d gotten a speeding ticket just blocks from our house, on her way […]

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Xy came home today without her car. She took a cab. Why? Because she lost her keys. Looked everywhere at the school, couldn’t find ’em. Probably I should have taken a cab there, so we could have driven back together using my keys, but we were too stupid to figure that out at the time. […]

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As I was riding to work this morning, about to pass a big Ryder truck that was parked in the street, a motorist came up behind me and honked. Horns are ambiguous, but this one seemed to be saying, “Get out of my way.” I was pissed, but I braked and waved the car past […]

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