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Xy came home today without her car. She took a cab. Why? Because she lost her keys. Looked everywhere at the school, couldn’t find ’em.

Probably I should have taken a cab there, so we could have driven back together using my keys, but we were too stupid to figure that out at the time.

I started on supper — steamed asparagus and wild salmon — and Xy noted that the flame beneath the pot with the asparagus was green.

“That’s because the bottom of the pot is copper,” I said. I am such a know-it-all. Turns out I forgot to put any water in the pot. Eventually the bottom turned black. Amazingly, the asparagus turned out more or less good, just a little singed.

One of Xy’s co-workers called a little later to report she’d found the keys in the backseat of her car.

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