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The Monitor Fell on My Head

It’s that time of year. I went across the river with Xy this morning, to help set up the computers in her classroom. She has one functioning Windows box and two non-functioning Apples. They are old, old machines, and they didn’t work at all. I plugged them in and flipped the switch — nothing. So we wheeled them out into the hall and hoped she wouldn’t get in trouble (for cluttering up the hall, not for breaking the computers). As for the PC, it seems to be working fine, but the table it’s on is a piece of crap. It is literally falling apart. The monitor fell on my head while I was working on the box! We shored it up with twin stacks of old math textbooks.

Then I had to come back into the city with the morning rush hour traffic…

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  1. Chris Chris

    Sounds like my experience with Sarah’s classroom after her maternity leave. We get to her room to retrieve her stuff (left behind in January – when Ellie was born) and found everything in pieces. Her chair was broken. The Apple computers didn’t work, but the PC did. However, the PC was very unstable and would shut down randomly. Her internet account wasn’t working and I could only find like 1 or 2 programs installed. Worthless. How much money did the schools spend on this stuff? Lots, I’m sure. And then it’s never maintained or cared for by the people that it’s meant to serve.

    It’s very frustrating.

  2. Interesting,

    my monitor fell this morning, my cat Nebula jumped up on it, it fell hitting the keyboard, broke my mouse, the chair cushoned it’s fall abit but down it went right on to the floor. Still works and i could not be happier!

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