Despite our efforts, despite testing our water, despite an extensive lead abatement program conducted on our house by ACORN, we got word yesterday afternoon that our little 17-month-old girl has a high level of lead contamination. How high? BLLs > 13 µg/dL. Translation: blood lead level greater than 13 micrograms per deciliter of blood. Is […]

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I wrote most of the following last week when I was up north, but wasn’t able to finish it until now. I’ve spent the last week or so in a timeshare condo in Sevierville, Tennessee. It’s a curious place. Or perhaps I should say it’s a curious non-place, in a strangely transmogrified town, surrounded by […]

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I’ve never noticed lovebugs around New Orleans before, though they’re supposed to be common all along the Gulf Coast during certain times of the year. Then again, New Orleans isn’t really on the coast — though the coast is getting closer every day. Anyway, I’ve been seeing the lovebugs here for the first time over […]

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Never thought I’d see the day where I’m paying $15/month for recycling service. But the folks at Phoenix Recycling say that if more people sign up they’ll lower the price. Today was our first day with the service, and they performed as advertised. Don’t forget you get a $1 discount if you’re a member of […]

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This one is for my friends and readers who don’t live here in South Louisiana. Do me a favor. Please. First, when you’ve got a few minutes to spare, take a look at this interactive multimedia presentation. It requires Flash and you’ll want to have your speakers turned on. (For extra credit, you can read […]

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Xy’s fifth grade class is building a model of an environmentally friendly house for an Earth Day contest, sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Affairs. She wanted to top it off with a garden on the roof, and figured moss would be the perfect plant, since it does not require much soil. So we […]

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