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Lovebugs and Others

I’ve never noticed lovebugs around New Orleans before, though they’re supposed to be common all along the Gulf Coast during certain times of the year. Then again, New Orleans isn’t really on the coast — though the coast is getting closer every day.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing the lovebugs here for the first time over this last week.

Love Bugs in Silhouette

They remind me of Vero, Florida, which is where I first saw them and learned about their strange lives. That’s also where a certain young goddess was conceived.

So the lovebugs make me happy.

It’s also butterfly season.

Butterfly Ankle

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  1. Tag in VA. Tag in VA.

    Once when we were driving down to New Orleans in April, we were inundated by mating lovebugs. We had to pull over at the Mississippi/Louisiana Welcome Center in order to wash at least some of the bug guts off our windshield. The whole place was full of people trying to do the same thing, with only water bottles and paper towels to work with. One big, smeary mess, but it was pretty funny (though not for the bugs…)

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