House update: Our initial offer was $9K below the seller’s asking price, which got us to a nice round number. We also specified they cover $3K of closing costs. They made a counteroffer, bumping the price back up $3K. We are accepting this counteroffer and making a deposit. Now we just have to sell our […]

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Inadvertently deleted the dozen or so people subscribing e-mail updates via the Subscribe2 plug-in. Sorry. If you want to keep getting the updates you can re-subscribe via Feedburner.

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As of this moment, a bit of doggerel I wrote last year is the number one search result in Google for “christmas eve poem.” (Update: Five minutes later and I’ve already slipped down two notches.) (Update: 36 hours later and I’m back on top again. Didn’t realize Google fluctuated so much.)

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