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  1. David: I don’t think that would be practical because of the low volume. BitTorrent can help distribute the cost of transmission, but there has to be a certain critical mass of interest and we’re nowhere near that. So far we haven’t had any problem keeping up with the bandwidth required to transmit all those videos, so it’s not an issue anyhow.

  2. Tony Tony

    I’m impressed to say the least at your umpteenth consecutive time of being in the media spotlight. I check BoingBoing on an almost daily basis and was pleasantly surprised to see J&B on the Rox featured. I confess however of not thoroughly going through all of your episodes. I have kept one however. The one where you guys romp through the woods with a certain contraband of choice. Keep on keepin on B. See you in a couple weeks.

  3. David David

    Well, I realized it wouldn’t be a torrential bit torrent, but it would allow people to pause and resume a download. But if the torrent always pointed to your file on your server, it would just offer one more way to download (with the off chance of bandwidth help).

  4. So a torrent can point to a server file? I did not know that. I guess I’m only familiar with the end-user p2p aspect.

    If we did get that going of course we’d have address the question of which files to include. It’s hard to pick and choose.

  5. David David

    I don’t really know that either. After I wrote that, I got to thinking about it, having never started a torrent.

    I guess every file distributed by a torrent is given a unique identifier and that a torrent requires connection with a p2p program. So probably what you’d need is a server running a bit torrent program with your video files.

    It’s too bad a regular server can’t also be a “permanent” seed for a bit torrent, which is what I mistakenly imagined when I posted.

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