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On Hearing Gaia’s Call

I’m beyond excited to report I got an article published in The Wild Hunt.

This is, in fact, the long-delayed fruition of an essay which branched off from “Awakening to Gaia” some five years ago and developed a life of its own. Maybe someday I’ll get around to part three, “Singing Gaia’s Song.”

I am generally happy with the new essay, but as always I have a few misgivings. Perhaps it suffered both from its long gestation and my rush to completion. In particular, after reading Bruno Latour and Bruce Clarke, I’ve grown suspicious of my uncritical references to holism. I’m more aware than ever of the limits of the organismic metaphor. Also, when I cited examples of Gaian thought on COVID-19, I might have put more distance between the sources and myself; I was merely trying to show that the linkage is being made, not evaluating its validity.

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