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Saving Grace

Mid-City Community Dinner

It’s come to my attention that the Episcopal Diocese is planning to close Grace Episcopal Church on Canal Street in the first Sunday in January. This would be a major blow in my opinion. Below is a letter to the bishop urging him to reconsider this decision. Though sent on behalf of my role in FOLC, I feel a strong personal connection to Grace as I’ve attended so many meetings there. My daughter had a wonderful time at Grace Child Center until it too was closed by the diocese under circumstances which I never fully understood. I find church politics very confusing. The Executive Board of the diocese is meeting this Wednesday; I sincerely hope they can find a way to keep Grace open.

Dear Reverend Morris Thompson,

As the President of Friends of Lafitte Corridor, I am writing to you to express how important Grace Episcopal church is to my organization and to many other organizations across the City. This church is far more than a space for worship, it is a place that inspires residents to give back to the community. By hosting and advertising many community meetings and functions that contribute to the improvement of our society as a whole, Grace Episcopal is a true gem in New Orleans and should not be closed. My organization has had monthly meetings here for over three years. I have attended numerous citywide meetings and neighborhood meetings at this venue as well. This church brings communities together to help address societal issues, and if closed, would leave many residents and organizations at a loss for a gathering space. Therefore on behalf of the Board of Friends of Lafitte Corridor, I am requesting that you reconsider your decision to close such an active and important church.


Bart Everson
Friends of Lafitte Corridor

Cc: Reverend Canon Mark Stevenson

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  1. Avocado Tom Avocado Tom

    I thought that many churches get closed because either (a) they don’t bring in enough in during collection, or (b) not enough attendance (which is also related to (a)).

    But maybe that’s just the Roman Catholics?

  2. Jenel Jenel

    Really??? Self-Sufficient??? And they are closing it. If it’s not dollars keeping the lights on and having insurance and… plumbing… all important stuff that needs dollars but if it’s not dollars than ?????

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