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Called the Cops

I called the popo on a neighbor last night. Hated to do it, but he was apparently intoxicated, enraged, and going after his brother with a damn shovel, yelling that he intended to kill him. Three cop cars showed up. Fortunately I don’t think anyone was hurt or arrested.

There is data indicating that “violence against women spikes after the home pro football team suffers an upset.” I don’t think the Packers victory was an upset, and the target here was not a woman, but still I have to wonder whether this would have happened if the Saints had won.

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  1. Julie (Marietta,GA) Julie (Marietta,GA)

    Has an arrest been made in the case of the couple who tasered and robbed a man about two weeks ago? reported that the crime took place in front of the victim’s home in the 3200 block of Banks St in broad daylight.

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