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Two headlines from today’s news caught my eye. Each is bad enough on its own, but taken together they are exponentially more infuriating.

So we learn a couple things.

Now it’s clear why BP was blocking access and obfuscating all attempts to estimate the flow of oil from their well. They’re on the hook for $4,300 per barrel spilled. Futhermore, we now know where all that spilled oil mysteriously disappeared. It’s at the bottom of the Gulf, and everything is dead there.

Of course, I’m not supposed to complain about any of this for fear a moratorium will further damage the local economy which is so dependent on offshore drilling operations.

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  1. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    with bowed head, further apologizing for the Uncivilized words of yesterday,
    I’ll repeat that You HAVEN’T SCRATCHED the SuRFACE of this Holocaust
    Deepwater Horizon disaster.
    I repeat that IT IS ABOUT TIME you looked into this: Your LIFE actually,
    fully, completely depends on you getting a lot of study done. Today.
    My Duty is to recognize you for your value to the tribe, and make effort
    to preserve your family as much as possible for survival.
    B.K. Lim….”Phoenix Rising From the Gulf” is the main website.
    This Mister B.K. Lim, you will quickly appreciate as one Hell of a Brave MANN.
    Like YOU, Mr. B, father of princess Everpax…
    Brit Petroleum, the US Govt., and all the totally controlled mass media,
    have Lied and continue to Lie.
    B.P. Illegally drilled an un-permitted well. Mr. Lim shows you, from early-on,
    with video captures from the Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) That they
    were LYING about the location of the actual Blowout,
    Lying about the number of Wells drilled, and the reasons for doing so.
    How do you carefully parse the message? I mean, so that the “receiver” is not
    “Offended”, or blown away by the sheer INCREDible Reality?
    It is Horribly REAL!
    They drilled into precisely, exactly, the WORST POSSIBLE geological Location.
    A Salt Dome, which ideally provides “Caprock” to hold Gas/Oil reservoirs in place, was violated at the point where “up-dipping” strata, on the SIDE of the dome, can ENCOURAGE gas flow seepage, from down below, vertically.
    Also, (You will see, as you read) They went into Strike-Slip fault zones, where
    the already-fractured rocks were already known to be extremely dangerous.
    It was Planned, B.
    They did it on purpose, all y’all Southern Brothers and Sisters.
    ALL the GULF STATES are soon to be under FEMA.
    They Lied at every step of the 87 days of Gushing 100,000 barrels a day.(min.)
    The Oil is NOT STAUNCHED.
    The Fractures are OPEN and ACTIVELY Flowing.
    The COREXIT is INTENTIONALLY deadly to life, including yours.
    Those poor, good-ole Cajuns and other Watermen and women, fishers,
    crabbers, shrimpers, are unfortunately, uneducated, by-and-large, and
    these writings I’ve been following say that they are DYING from the poisons
    in the AIR, Water, and they are STILL EATING THE SEAFOOD!
    You-all are living on borrowed time.
    They were able to steer all the storms out to the Bahamas, or down to Mexico
    this year. If they hadn’t, you-all would be most likely DEAD from the poison
    blend of Oil, Corexit, and Methane which is frozen slurry on the bottom, which when stirred by the Hurricane, would totally POISON your air.
    You don’t need to hear any more of my “Lack of civilized tone”.
    Please, B.
    READ a lot of pages from BK Lim, and those commenting on him.
    Also, the Replies to the articles, particularly those from Howard Lewis,III.
    You will appreciate my effort to WARN you.
    You will make quick evacuation PLANS.
    Because you’re Smarter than the Average Bear, Yogi…!!

  2. PJ PJ

    Jack, at least this one is on topic. Though I may be offended, I am by no means sticking my head in the sand about the fragility of the gulf environment and the possibility of large scale arrogance and corruption driving is to destruction.

    I do hope however that we start to see some harder academic and scientific inquiry on the subjects so we can move beyond an alarmed minority and gt a majority to rise up and make a change before it’s too late. The majority is just harder to motivate without the picture being crystal clear.

    But I don’t think that’s B’s battle on the blog. I know where are the clear thinking sources are on the matter without looking through the comments.

  3. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    B.- this is an excerpt from the “Phoenix Rising From the Gulf” posting:

    It’s not a pretty picture.

    The various pictures, photos and diagrams that fill the many articles at the aforementioned website represent photo-evidence about the true state of affairs on the seafloor surrounding the Macondo Prospect in the Mississippi Canyon which is located in the Central Planning Area of the northern Gulf of Mexico. The very dynamics of the dramatic changes and continuous evolution of the seafloor have been captured in ways that very few have ever seen. These snapshots have given us a window of understanding into the true state of the underlying geological formations around the various wells drilled in the Macondo Prospect.

    Although our many deductions may be difficult for the layperson to apprehend at first, to the trained eye these are but obvious conclusions which are simply the result of cause and effect. In other words there is no dispute around the most serious geological changes which have occurred, and continue to occur, in the region around the Macondo wells. The original predicament (an 87 day gushing well) was extremely serious, as grasped by the entire world, and the existing situation is only going to get progressively worse.

    So, just what does this current picture look like. Please click on the link below to view the relevant diagrams and read the commentary:
    B.- notice this “autopsy” was August 3rd…the newest article (previous link) has
    stunning graphics, and I trust you will be suitably impressed.
    Long Live Princess Everpax

  4. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    They are STILL spraying Corexit from PLANES at NIGHT, right along the shorelines!!
    This is a Video of folks getting sprayed at night.
    Thanks, PJ, and in a most HIGHLANDER (Ack!), un-genteel manner, I will insist
    that you PUSH into the information, not give some blase’ response. You see, when
    you have serious IQ, and serious IQ Sisters who think they are AMAZONS, you
    learn that you better treat these women as EQUALS, which means, guess what?
    You don’t have ANY excuse for not completing your assignment in a Thorough,
    Sincere, Complete, and Timely Manner, LIKE a MAN.
    You DIDN”T READ the material….yes, it’s PAINFUL.
    You continue to write as if you already KNOW, which you don’t.
    HERE’S the “harder academic and scientific inquiry”.
    presented to you from your HIGHLANDER bro.
    You have to accept the affront to your EGO, when a Maestro is obviously,
    blazingly smarter than yourself.
    READ the MATERIAL, SEE the VIDEOS, and I told you to READ the COMMENTS.
    As a typical ego-woman, you have disregarded your instructions.
    Which came from This Here HIGHLANDER Maestro.
    Do what you’re told, and LEARN about your impending DOOM.
    There is NOTHING more important than you READING and STUDYING the work
    of B.K. LIM, a TRUE HERO, Sacrificing his future Oil Industry Career to try to
    SAVE ALL OF OUR ASSES by warning us.
    It is NO JOKE, you are on the edge of Horrible DEATH in New Orleans.

  5. PJ PJ

    Jack, dude. I read the BK Lim article. Don’t talk down to me.
    It isn’t civil.
    Also, don’t judge me. We are trying to hang out in Bs living room. Chill.

  6. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    B. is SMART enough to know, after some NON-MAINSTREAM MEDIA TRUTH,
    that his living room is going to need to be physically relocated to the
    Far Northwest.
    PJ….”I read the BK Lim article”
    There are thousands of vital words, images, videos, commentary strings
    which are Educative to the WISE.
    Sorry, PJ…
    It is Not “Civil” to insist you are acting Equally, when you are NOT.

  7. Robyn Robyn

    I’ve been trying to figure out what about Jack’s style seemed so familiar, and I finally put my finger on it. It is completely reminiscent in tone, timbre, and rhetoric of Dr. Bronner (of All-One Magic Soap fame), but without the refreshing scent of peppermint to make it all okay.

  8. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    I know that you-all must go through the motions of making a living today.
    I have had the Luxury of time (not money!) to seriously study this stuff.
    Robyn, PJ, all you women….? Do You Care about anything, enough to suffer
    a little humiliation, a little acceptance that You have been MISLED by Powers?
    Please Read, Copy and Disseminate this information.
    People’s LIVES quite actually depend on getting this information.
    Let’s Move it, troops…

  9. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    B. we avoided mention for a long time
    because you indicated you were threatened in your activist free speech by
    folks who will prefer to watch their kid sicken and die rather than impede
    the commercial hype. Bon Temps Roulez…
    Here’s what

    Depopulation of the Gulf Ensues, Follow the Money Trail
    December 11, 2010 by Shepard
    Filed under Featured, Health & Environment, Intel Hub Featured Articles, U.S. News

    Steven Chu
    The Intel Hub
    By Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas
    December 12, 2010
    Looking back on the BP oil spill you can clearly see that BP was calling the shots from within the government through salted channels and embedded operational tentacles that span throughout the current administration.
    In order to find out who possibly masterminded such a vast cleanup operation and the deeper corrupt connections behind such a dastardly plan, one must follow the money trail.
    One of the most noted BP insiders is Dr. Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy who most of his carer specialized in high powered lasers. Both Chu and his Under Secretary for Science, Steve Koonin have strong ties to BP.

    Steve Koonin
    Open admission in the BBC details how Halliburton’s profits rose 83% during the BP oil spill. Was this due to the fact that Halliburton purchased the oil cleanup company Boots & Coots just weeks before the disaster? That’s right, Halliburton acquired an oil clean up company less than 2 weeks before the Deepwater Horizon event on April 20, 2010.

    All along the Watchtower….

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