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Kinder des Osterhase

Get ready for Easter with this special message about the true meaning of the holiday.

Perhaps some explanatory notes are necessary for the mystified.

This audio mashup derives from two sources: “Kinder des Lichtes” by Wappenbund and “Easter: A Satanic, Demonic, Pagan, Roman Catholic Holy Day Which God Abhors (A Violation of the Second and Fourth Commandments)” by Matthew McMahon. I have not received permission from either party. Hopefully they will not hunt me down and kill me.

Wappenbund is a martial industrial project from Germany. Dr. C. Matthew McMahon is the founder of A Puritans Mind and the progenitor of numerous sermons which he himself confesses may be “a bit over the top.” What these two artists have in common? I find them both perversely compelling, though in very different ways.

Incidentally or otherwise, Dr. McMahon is involved with a beef jerky interest called Jerk Nation. Their slogan: “Building a Nation of Jerks One Jerk at a Time.”

See also: The nonexistent, evil chick called Easter from WorldNetDaily.

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  1. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    Christ never gave us an indication to celebrate his Passion,
    other than the Blood, The Body, By this remember Me when you eat and drink.

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