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Web Logs and Scholarship

Today I moderated a panel discussion titled “Web Logs and Scholarship.” I recorded the audio live, so here’s a slidecast of the entire thing.

The highlight for me was definitely when we started digging into the bigger issues. I asked how blogs impact the development of knowledge, and one of the panelists answered, “Skynet.” The scary thing is I think he was serious.

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  1. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    In my Remote Sensing/GIS program at UNM,
    we are deeply involved in making the computer take charge
    of the systems….we write algorithms and decision-tree schemes.
    We are definitely creating SkyNet…it is NO JOKE!
    The (CYBER!)systems are learning and creating self-management capability-
    Nano-tech is a big part.
    Learn-up Nordic Boy.
    The Beast is REAL.

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