The biggest single thing my department does every year is New Faculty Orientation, which is today. This year we’ve got the biggest crop of new faculty ever, bigger even than last year. Xy says we’re very smart to have this event. Despite all the professional development days, her school offers no special support for new […]

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Last week I moderated a blogger panel. I was disappointed with the low attendance, but at certain times of the semester it’s hard to get faculty to turn out. However, I was very pleased with the actual content — the bloggers were articulate and thoughtful and passionate. It was a great discussion. A big thank […]

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I participated today in a panel discussion at Loyola, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. Kind of funny, given that I am not a professional journalist. The topic: “Online User Comments and its impact on news coverage, news Web sites and freedom of speech.” My fellow participants were all involved in one way or […]

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Xy and I went to see Jonathan Kozol speak at Loyola. He’s the guy who wrote Savage Inequalities; I’ve never read it, but Xy did when she was in grad school, and it made a big impression. Plus tonight’s a rare school night when Xy didn’t have any homework. So we went. My boss told […]

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