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Ignorant Filthy Rats


Carnival and preparations for Mardi Gras are keeping me too busy to write, so instead I thought I’d highlight some comments I received a few days ago.

Cast your memory back. Long-time readers will remember my letter to Paul Curcuru which I posted in 2006, regarding a certain abandoned grocery and the rodent population therein.

So the other night an anonymous person left the following note on that post:

I was a friend of the curcuru’s for many years; the store was owned by Joe Cucuru but was sold by his sons after he died. I believe they sold the property to a Vietnamese family.

[For the record: No. Paul Curcuru was the property owner, and may still be for all I know. The store was being rented to a Vietnamese proprietor before the flood put them out of business.]

Twenty minutes later, the same person left a comment on my follow-up post from 2008:

people living in new orleans are ignorant filthy rats anyway. you should feel right at home.

A couple minutes later, he left a second comment on the same post:

people who live in New Orleans are filthy rats anyway,whats the problem?

Apparently he tired of anonymity at that point, because this third comment bore the name Phillip Weiman.

Thank you, Mr. Weiman, for demonstrating exactly what I meant when I mentioned the “outpouring of internet-hatred” against New Orleans a couple weeks ago. Like I said then, we’ve heard it all before. We’ve read it all before. It doesn’t even faze us any more.

Happy Mardi Gras!

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  1. Brooks Brooks

    Where…..WHERE does that hatred come from? I’d like to say I’m immune to it, but the truth is, it always knocks me for a loop.

    Anyway, Bart, a very happy Mardi Gras to you and yours!

  2. Robyn Robyn

    So wait. This Phillip Weiman guy sought you out in order to insult you and all the other filthy rats (???) who live in New Orleans. For real? Can you imagine the pathetic life you’d have to lead to spend your time looking for random people to personally insult online?


    And Happy Mardi Gras to you, too, Bart!

  3. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    i hope that poor bastard sobers up for lent and feeds the flame of happiness in his heart before the ember goes out.

    peace to you and yours

  4. philliam whoaman philliam whoaman

    ha ha ha, its me, phil, i was just kidding. i love editor b, ROX was on dish network, of all places, i thought he was more playful so i was lobbing him some over the plate but i guess i was misunderstood. Ive never even been to N.O. what would i know!! Im playing off the racism that i hear every day, Nobama is a blue collar comedy tour worth of material. May i suggest, a true challenge will strengthen the soul, get to know some racists, have them fix your car, tell them they smell like cow shit, see what develops, Blog n stuff about it, ill be your first subscriber, but you may consider me unworthy for your blog, WHATEVER!

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