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Voting Advice Roundup


Yes, that’s right, New Orleans is having an election tomorrow, right in the midst of Superbowl mania and Carnival madness.

I’m a little shy this time around about voicing my own opinion, but others are not so afflicted. Here’s a roundup of what some other bloggers think.

Anyone else?

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  1. Anthony Anthony

    I’ll put this this way.

    Mayor -anybody but Georges.
    At large Fielkow (and it’s time to retire Jackie for good)
    District A – Virginia Blanque. I’m mostly not voting for batt because his detractors annoy me and if he’s gone then they’re gone too. I’m not voting for Guidry because I think her one claim to fame amounted to pouring salt in the field of a neighborhood business property so nothing would ever grow again and did it within a backroom deal with Midura’s office. NIMBYs can be involved in backroom deals too and there were many other tools in the arsenal besides having the building’s zoning changed so that it is currently empty.
    Assessor- Mauberret. Had one of the best experiences at City Hall appealing my assessment because his staff was professional and pleasant and he was attentive, and even if I didn’t get everything I wanted I felt I was treated fairly. Contrast that with the folks Uptown who are burning Lemle’s boss Nancy Marshal in effigy and I think this whole “reform” notion is based on some very, very shallow appreciation of the word (like a lot of “reform” efforts in New Orleans seem to be)
    Coroner – Minyard – His opponent is a convicted felon AND points to being president of the Orleans Parish School Board as a source of pride, and I feel that everyone involved with OPSB should be hanging their head in shame.

  2. dsb nola dsb nola

    I make an appeal for Landrieu voters to vote for Perry in the mayoral race.

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