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Some Changes to Our Broadcast Schedule

Radio FM Broadcast TX - Rack

I’ve made a few changes to radio.rox. It’s no longer 24/7 as a rule. Too much hassle to program overnight when no one’s listening anyway. Instead the broadcast schedule will more closely reflect the rhythm of our lives. The typical weekday schedule looks like this for now:

  • Broadcast day begins 5:45 AM (Central Time, natch). Music starts mellow and gradually works its way up from there.
  • From approximately 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM it’s an eclectic mix of all genres and variable quality. The mix may lose coherence as the day goes on, if it ever has any coherence to lose. Longer pieces of questionable listenability may creep in occasionally, like the odd sermon or extended power electronics exploration. Sorry about that.
  • Around dinner time you are likely to hear some mellow jazz.
  • After dinner you may hear some mellow laid-back tracks. This may eventually devolve into Gothic Darkness or hours of ambient or something else entirely. If I were to play an album in its entirety it would probably be in the evening.
  • Broadcast day usually ends sometime between 8:00 PM and midnight.

Weekends are a whole ‘nother story. See if you can figure it out.

It’s rare for me to have more than one listener at any given time (and mostly that’s me listening from work) but there has been a fairly steady trickle of listeners. Mostly I see hits coming from Indiana (Indianapolis and Bloomington) and New Orleans, but what’s most intriguing are the repeated hits from Beijing and other places where I have no idea who might be on the other end of the wire. Two nights ago we had a listener in Manchester UK for a couple hours.

I’ve been trying to figure our some sorta channel for communication about what’s playing in the mix, though I’m not sure anyone really wants to talk about that. I’ve added a simple chat box to the side of the radio.rox page and I’ve created a twitter account @roxradio, but I haven’t posted anything to it yet. I don’t really have anything to say but I’d like to at least be able to answer questions. I really need something that would push to me via e-mail otherwise I just won’t see them, but creating a full-fledged discussion group seems like overkill. I’m not really sure what’s best, so I’m open to suggestions. Basically I’d like all listeners to be able to textually chat with one another and me, with a push to my e-mail. Seems like it should be simple.

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  1. John Byers John Byers


    I and my fine helper Will, are so grateful for and profoundly impressed with RR. It has been an unalloyed joy to work in the shop this past week with such fine accompaniment and despite your disclaimer, I’ve yet to be offended…well there was Olivia Newton John but that was more like nausea since I’d just eaten lunch. Anyway, keep the tunes coming and B-town sends its love!

    JB of another sort

  2. HK HK

    people always want to talk to the DJ. you should have a little beacon that says “the doctor is in” when you’re online to interact via chat

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