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Fumigation Days

The fumigation we’d originally planned for early December has finally been accomplished, and I must say despite the hassle that it’s better to complete than to abort.

All living things have to be removed from the house prior to fumigation, and relocated elsewhere for approximately 48 hours. (Actually that’s not true; indeed, the whole point of fumigation is to kill off some living things. I did not relocate the termites.) Also, all food has to be remove from the house, except stuff that is canned or otherwise “factory sealed.”

This is similar to evacuation and just as fun. In some ways it’s even more fun.


It’s spooky being inside a house all wrapped up — tarps filtering red light thru windows.

Cream & Crimson

I feel like I’m in a Christo installation.

Our House

You’ve been clamoring for a photo of our new house. So, here it is. It was pumped full of poison gas when this was taken.

We spent two nights uptown with my boss. She and her husband were incredibly accommodating and gracious hosts.

After they took off the tarp they put this sign on the house while we waited for the poison gas to disperse:


An unanticipated side benefit to this whole ordeal — our daughter has finally been weaned.


Did I mention we have three cats and a rabbit? They handled the dislocation better than we did.


So we’re back in our home now, but the termites presumably are not.

A few more photos in this set.

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  1. Ian Zamboni Ian Zamboni

    Wow, the first shot reminds me when they covered the house in the movie E.T.

    Do you have concerns about any lingering effects/particulates of the gas? Especially after the lead incident? These questions admittedly come from a paranoid person when it comes to such stuff, I once tried to talk my landlord out of once-every-two-months bug spraying.

    Note: I just looked up the word “bimonthly” and apparently nobody ever decided whether it means “twice a month” or “once every two months”

    You’d think we could nail something like that down by now.

  2. PJ PJ

    With so much mysterious death in the house over the last few months I have to wonder if it is connectecd to the fumigation. That this happened 3 months ago really makes me wonder, of course I am not sure if the timeline of death coincides with the tenting and poisoning of your home.

    Not judging, just some morbid humor I suppose.

  3. Actually, PJ, the circumstances would seem to exonerate the house. Folds died at the vet from complications arising from surgery. Archer took ill after camping out for a couple months. And Nicky outside, from dehydration we suppose. So… of all the many things I worry about, this isn’t one of them. But thanks for thinking of us!

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