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Well, Crap

Overnight New Orleans got pounded by heavy, heavy rain for several hours. Also some serious gusts. We lost power for a while during the night and there was of course some street flooding throughout the city.

The weather has caused our fumigation to be postponed. They were set to tent the house this morning, but during the storms the tarp got ripped. It was on another house at the time. That house has to be resealed and pumped full of more fumigant. So we have to aim for another date.

Meanwhile I’ve got a new worry to preoccupy me. This is by far the heaviest rain we’ve had in a while, and sure enough we sprang a leak. It appears to be in the area where the addition joins the older part of the house. Observant readers will recall a leak in this area was amongst the deficiencies we discovered in our inspection. But that was in at the other end of the addition; at least that repair appears to have held.

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  1. Every time I read something you write, it reminds me of some similar thing in my world. I have the same problem of leaking between the main part of the house and the addition. Is you addition a one-story? Mine is. This leak is a real mystery that seems to be connected to some plumbing work and a sewer vent, but every fix has failed and it’s holding up a lot of other work. I hope you can get your problem fixed easily.

  2. Yes, Lisa, it’s a one story addition on a two story house. And this just in: The high winds blew off some flashing from the second story roof above the addition — my new theory is that water got in there and traveled down a story to the reach the addition ceiling.

  3. Julie ( Marietta, GA ) Julie ( Marietta, GA )

    Bart, Did you encounter any weather-related problems on your new route to work? I thought of you when I saw the pictures of the flooded streets.

  4. Julie: Actually I’m not really taking a new route to work most days, because I stop by the daycare first and end up going to work same way as always. But thanks for asking. Yesterday I had the car and I was driving around all day — not my favorite activity.

  5. […] The fumigation we’d originally planned for early December has finally been accomplished, and I must say despite the hassle that it’s better to complete than to abort. […]

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