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Penetrating Insight

Occasionally I get a comment so penetrating, so insightful, that it just begs to be given special attention. So herewith I present the penetrating insight of Chris Dillcog:

I was very fortunate to be born and raised in Sevier County and Pigeon Forge and was not as amused at your ramblings as you apparantly are. 1.) Our area is the second most visited area east of the Mississippi and is within a days drive of 63% of the population. A well traveled time share mooch surely did her homework before she happily lived off the hard earned money spent to purchase the timeshare from all your illness spreading inlaws. Then made classless jokes to show how little pride you do have. 2.)If the truth were known one or all of you probably took another timeshare presentation so you could continue your mooching way of life. 3.)The best was the way you mentioned your clean and wholesome hometown, New Orleans. I didn’t hear you mention the fact that you weren’t mugged or raped while on your FREE stay. You didn’t have to step over any drug abusers or borrow money from your in-laws to give to the beggars on the 5 lane street. 4.)If you visit again remember the reason we are not as walking friendly as the clean, safe, and morally sound area you admire is because we chose to live in an area ABOVE sea-level. I truly hope hurricane season finds you well and look forward to the money you can squeeze from Xy’s parents on your inevitable return trip.

Yes, Chris, you’ve certainly got my number.

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  1. Joe Joe

    You know, I think he’s got a point. Areas above sea level should be more car-dependent. After all, there’s less oxygen up there, so it’s harder to breathe if you’re exerting yourself. He sure acts like someone who’s not getting enough oxygen.

    Although I have relatives in Denver, and they don’t write this way… maybe they take supplements or something.

  2. holly holly

    I’ve read this comment four times now and I still can’t figure out what his/her point is. So many things to love about this:

    1. Not only are there sentence fragments, but there are also clauses joined together when they shouldn’t be! Is it a sentence fragment or a Frankensentence?

    2. Vague statistics impresses the masses! “within a days [sic] drive of 63% of the population.” Of what? The world? Dollywood? The possibilities are endless and only a days [sic] drive away!

    3. I mostly enjoy the angry anger that distorts rationale and assumes that people who live above sea-level are somehow too evolved to walk like their bipedal ancestors and the bottom-feeders who live in that festering pustule you call home, and therefore do not need to be “walking friendly” (that one made me laugh). The veiled mocking threat of a hurricane is also a very classy addition.

    4. The coup-de-grâce is the absolute pegging of you and the missus as the lazy freeloaders you are. Goodness, but s/he really hit that nail on the head!

    (I’ve found there are a lot of places in the south that are really difficult to navigate without a car– Atlanta is one that springs to mind)

  3. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    sorry that link includes comments.

    i should have done a cut and paste of the article instead.

    fruition of this park is starting to feel like it might happen in my life time.

    thank you to all that are working on this.

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