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One Year

It’s amazing to think you’re one year old today.

What strikes me the most is how much you’ve learned, and how little we’ve taught you. Over the past year, your first year, you’ve learned to crawl and stand on your own. You’ve learned to laugh and cry. You’ve learned to point and wave. You’ve figured out how to do all these things on your own. If that’s common to most humans, it is no less amazing.

Of course we’re having a party, and we hope all your friends and fans will pass by. (That includes anyone reading this.) It’s not just your birthday, it’s also Samedi Gras, the Saturday before Mardi Gras — the one day when Carnival comes to our Mid-City neighborhood, and Endymion rolls down Canal Street just a block from our home. This convergence of dates won’t be seen again for at least the next 40 years. It all seems very cosmic.

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  1. Julie Julie


    I hope you love growing up in Mid-City as much as I did many years ago.
    I’m sending you a big birthday hug from Atlanta, GA !!

    ********** HUG *********

    p.s. Many happy returns

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