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  1. Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo

    Two Cards with indications of breakthrough, clarity, and vision. They also are generaly postive. Don’t know the context of the pull/deal, but interesting and hopeful symbols they are regardless.

  2. B, if you just randomly pulled these two cards out of the deck, and they both arrived in your hands upright, these are great.

    Ace of Swords usually means power, strength and will in getting past obstacles. You’ve probably already conquered some of them, and remember, Swords is “mental”, air element, of the mind so you’d need to use mental strength and willpower to overcome the obstacles. Mind over matter basically. The caveat here is that your motivations must be ethical and honest for the results to be just and peaceful. This card is about conquest of a personal obstacle. That’s the easiest take on it.

    Sun card is rebirth, rebirth, rebirth brass band, rebirth. Successful merging of sort of conflicting aspects in the personality. Real transformation, personal transformation. Also good in terms of educational, tech or career stuff. Overcoming an illness also indicated, good health overall. Very positive. You might change your appearance in some way (heading for the tat parlor are ye?). You’ll also probably be in a position to be less guarded and more open.

    Hope that helped a little. Great cards to start a new year with, that’s for sure.

  3. Nola Nola

    Interpetation would also depend slightly on which card you pulled first.

    Ace of swords is about strength during adversity. Darkness before the light. Hitting bottom and climbing back up.

    The Sun a major arcana. New life, new start, moving forward towards happiness, obtaining goals, finding your dreams.

    If you pulled the ace first, then the adversity is behind you and the Sun now moving in your direction.

    If you pulled the Sun first, then the Ace is what you need to go thru to reach the Sun.

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