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Xmas Shorts

  • My co-worker Jim has said there’s been many a warm Xmas Day in New Orleans throughout his life, Xmases where he finds he’s quite comfortable wearing shorts. But I think this is the first such Xmas I’ve experienced here. I was hanging out in shorts all day. Warm summery weather. Loved it.
  • I did not love coming down with a cold just a few hours after getting off work Tuesday. I was feeling rather bitter on Xmas Eve. Getting sick just at the beginning of a long holiday? Sucks. But once again I seem to have fought it off, and it never progressed beyond a sore throat and some sneezing. Allergies, perhaps.
  • Speaking of health issues, the girl was officially diagnosed with RSV on the 23rd. No, she hasn’t gotten infected by the Revised Standard Version — not yet, anyway. RSV in this case stands for the human respiratory syncytial virus. According to one medical study, “60% of infants are infected during their first RSV season, and nearly all children will have been infected with the virus by 2-3 years of age.” It’s not anything to panic about, but we don’t take it lightly either as it can veer into serious complications such as pneumonia and bronchiolitis. The question I wonder about is when she came down with it in the first place — if indeed we can really trust this diagnosis. I think she may have had this bug since September. The doctor says her cough might persist ’til March. But how is this possible if RSV runs its course in a week? Anyway, she’s doing pretty well with a healthy appetite and good spirits.
  • Also diagnosed on Tuesday: Another ear infection. And this time it’s viral!
  • I made oyster jambalaya for Xmas (with pickled pork and andouille) something I’ve never had before, and never even heard of. In fact no one I know has ever heard of it. But I found recipes online and gave it a try. It was pretty good, but I’m not sure I’d make it again.
  • Also baked a chocolate pistachio orange-loaf. A good breakfast item.
  • They say Xmas is a fun time for kids, but do you really remember Xmas before your first birthday? I certainly don’t, and I doubt our girl had any idea what was going on with the traditional exchange of gifts, et cetera. Nevertheless here is an obligatory picture of her opening a present:


  • We didn’t venture north this Xmas. It’s a terrible time of year to head north, after all, but I imagine we’ll do it on some future holidays to visit family. This year we felt like we’d done our quota of travel to Indiana courtesy of Gustav. The girl’s too young to appreciate the trip now anyway, and she’s at a very active crawly stage where I think a fourteen-hour car trip would be torture.
  • Xy got me a cool scarf emblazoned with skulls, and a couple brandy snifters (proper size this time).
  • P.S.: Happy Boxing Day.
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  1. David David

    LOL @ the snifters.

    I just got through Boxing Day in Canada where it’s an actual holiday. Still have no idea what it’s for other than the day after Christmas.

  2. Lee Lee

    Actually B, it’s quite enjoyable up here in Indiana. It’s unusually warm, as in almost 70! That’s right, I said 70!

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