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Ten Months

You started crawling in earnest right after you made nine months. Now it’s hard to remember when you weren’t mobile.

Of course you’ve been getting into all kinds of trouble — mostly falling over and bumping your head. You’ve started grabbing hold of things to haul yourself up into a standing position, but your balance isn’t great and sometimes you’ll fall. We try to catch you but of course we can’t always. Fortunately you haven’t hurt yourself too badly.

A couple weeks ago I was thinking this was your toughest month yet, not because of the knocks to the noggin, but because you’ve been under the weather. You’ve been in various states of getting sick and getting better ever since you got your first cold back in September. The antibiotics you were taking for your ear infection upset your gastrointestinal system, and then early this month you came down with a stomach virus (we think) and started projectile vomiting all over the place. Yikes.

But then you got better. The last week or two, your appetite’s come back, and you’ve been more like your old happy self. What a treat. Though today it looks like you might be coming down with a cold…

In other developments, you’ve learned to clap, which is exceedingly cute. You’ve also learned to extend your index finger, which you use to poke things and for general pointing. You point a lot, actually, at anything that interests you. Not sure what that means, if anything.

Today is the winter solstice. Seems like we should have done something special what with your namesake and all, but we didn’t. This one always seems to sneak up on me.

We did take you with us on a shopping trip today, and you rode in one of those fun kiddie carts, complete with a steering wheel, for the first time ever. You loved it. We all did.


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  1. Eric Paul Eric Paul

    She’s beautiful! Mine gets here with her mother on Tuesday (“mine” is 23, but I remember her ‘existential arrogance’, moving through space as if she were the only thing that existed). You and XY, is it, are in for some verrrrrryyyyy interesting times – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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