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Here’s something I’ve never seen before: It’s snowing in New Orleans.


Update: So early this morning as I was taking the girl to school, I thought to myself, “It’s cold and wet and damp and nasty — but at least it’s not snowing.” Rimshot.

Boss Lady and O were beside themselves. Sadly enough, the only thing they could think to do with their excitement was prank call me: “Hey B, we’re doing a project and we need you to come in to the office right away. And be sure to wear shorts and a tee shirt.” Sad, sad stuff.

All this puts me in a mind to a silly rap I used to chant to myself while stomping through the snowy streets of Bloomington in the late 80s:

well I gotta relate that I hate the snowy weather
and if you think it’s great then I put you together
with the marquis de sade or charles manson
yo crazy mofo no the snow isn’t handsome
or pretty like it’s supposed to be
it’s a pain in the ass for pedestrians like me
i gotta walk around everywhere that i go
and i’d like to stay dry but the sticky wet snow
is piled up to my neck, it soaks my clothes
right thru to my bones and then i’m frozen when the wind blows
like an ice cream cone, a popsicle, a nutty buddy
don’t try and tell me that i’m some kinda fuddy duddy
who’s lost all vitality and joy for living
i’m still kicking, i’m just not into giving
a damn what anybody else may think
and i’d rather have a sidewalk than an ice-skating rink
so take your flaky opinions, you can keep ’em to yourself
i’ll talk to you again when the snow melts

I’ve got a recording of that I made with the Submersibles lying around on a tape somewhere.

Today’s snow was not a mere flurry. It kept on for a good three or four hours and actually accumulated a bit. More photos here.

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  1. Mary Hogan Mary Hogan

    I’ve seen it before: Christmas Eve 2004
    We all rain around hollerin’ “the Saints’ll win the Super Bowl! the Saints’ll win the Super Bowl!”

    Well, the Saints didn’t win the SuperBowl but the levees did fail.

    Snow in New Orleans has never been a good omen.

  2. Andrea Andrea

    HA! That rap is the first thing that made me laugh all day! You know, cause I’m up here in Indiana where people think I’m all fuddy duddy cause I don’t like Winter. I think I have SADD already, damn.

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