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Her First Halloween Party

They had a Halloween party at our daycare. Besides seeing all the kids in their costumes, one of the highlights was a ride around the block in the six-seater buggy. That’s our girl up front wearing the Crown Royal bag.


I hope to complete her costume with a little crown by the time Halloween actually gets here.

There’s a few more photos in this here Flickr set.

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  1. When I taught 6-18 month olds I used to LOVE the Bye Bye Buggy. The only way to ride. Cute costume. Take advantage of the years (year?) you have until she decides what she wants to be. My two year old won’t wear the chicken costume this year. But my newborn will be a monkey!

  2. Marion Marion

    Burn the picture or you may be blamed for her issues as a teen. Or be prepared to defend, “YOU DRESSED ME IN A CROWN ROYAL BAG…what did you expect of me!!”

  3. Robyn Robyn

    Only in New Orleans!

    That’s one of the best infant costumes I’ve ever seen. I hope she’ll wear the crown! She needs a sippy cup full of diluted apple juice to go with it. Cover up the holes if she can’t have the juice yet.

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