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Another One Gone

It would have been nice if this big old house could have been preserved. It would have been nice if someone had taken responsibility for this property and not allowed it to further deteriorate and become a haven for vagrants and a (perceived) threat to the residents across the street.

3114 Iberville

Instead, we get another empty lot. The demolition of this building actually clears an entire city block. There’s another vacant city block on the other side of Bienville. Our block is between these two empty blocks. We’re feeling a little pinched.

But at least I got this funny picture out of the deal:

Big Squirt

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  1. Lee Lee

    Good Pic, what’s that style of home called? Is it just like yours, or a shotgun on top of another shotgun?

    It’s interesting to me

  2. Lee: I’m not sure what you’d call it. It’s not a raised basement, because the front door is on the lower level, though the whole house is raised a bit. I’m not sure it really qualifies as a shotgun either, but if it does, it’s a two story shotgun.

  3. Julie Julie

    I’m trying to place the house by what’s in the background. Is it on Iberville near N. Salcedo?

  4. Julie: Exactly. 3114 Iberville.

    Rick: I don’t know. Warren Easton would love to get their hands on that land but last I heard the asking price was $3 million.

  5. That house has been a mess for years. My mom grew up at 3115 Iberville and my grandmother lived there until 1991. I spent a lot of time on that block as a kid. My mom and I drove by last year to check out the block after Montelepre was torn down. She commented that that particular house had been neglected for years and years. Very unfortunate, but the stage had been set for that particular property long before Katrina. There are a lot of other houses in New Orleans in the same boat.

  6. Rick: I assume most of that block is zoned commercial. It’s where Physician’s Hospital (formerly Montelpre or some such) used to be.

    Scott: Wow, it’s a small world or a small city at least. We live right around the corner.

  7. yup, if you ever want some history of the block/neighborhood, Gram’s still alive in Metry as is mominem. Mom recognized your house when the articles were showing up in the Saturday sections. They know a little bit about neighbors who lived in it in the past. I lived on S Pierce until after the storm.

  8. Julie Julie

    To Scott Harney —

    I grew up on Jeff Davis near Iberville in the 1950’s. Did your mom go to Sacred Heart School?
    I’m in GA now but keep up with the old neighborhood through b.rox.

  9. MCNO did not fight that demolition precisely because it was the last one on the block – the chances of recovery were not good and it was in bad shape. The architectural style, by the way, is Double Gallery.

    Jennifer Farwell
    MCNO Housing Chair

  10. Anthony Anthony

    Unfortunately it is not a spell but a symptom of our long declining population. Until we get a population of people who can afford to fix up old houses this will continue to happen. But then again we need the jobs that pay enough for this to happen.

    Everyone wants to talk about housing, no one wants to talk about jobs.

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