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Year 1, Day 1

As I noted a few days ago, this is the first day of my new year, and the first year of my new era. This is not a day for celebration, not a holiday. We just had four or five of those in a row. Today is a day for returning to work, returning to the routine, returning to normalcy — or what passes for it here.

Fittingly enough, I am starting this new year by saying goodbye. I went to Scott’s memorial service this morning. This afternoon I’m attending a retirement reception for the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, my boss’ boss’ boss if I understand the hierarchy here correctly.

It also seems fitting that our house is being repainted now, in this time of renewal. I stopped by at lunch time and it looks beautiful. It will be like getting a new house.

And of course I’m reunited with my wife and daughter. It really does feel good.

So: Renewal, reunion, and farewell to the departed. A new year begins. It’s all making sense to me. It’s a good indication that I’ve lost my mind. But I didn’t really need it anyway.

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  1. Julie Julie


    I’ve been keeping up with my childhood neighborhood through this wonderful site and your terrific photography. I’ve grown to admire you and your lovely wife by reading about the good and bad times you go through together, and now with a beautiful baby girl!

    I’m glad that this is a new time for you because you truly are a VERY lucky man.

  2. PJ PJ

    I guess it wouldn’t be nice for me to kick someone on the way out. I’ll leave it to your readers to infer my intended target.

  3. Wondeful thoughts and reflections, and similar perspectives. My “new” year began on June 1 when I accepted a “new” position as a Dean-equivalent at this small university. The responsibilities have kept me so busy that its the first time I haven’t “really” thought about New Orleans since the federal flood.

    Remember me to Dr. Barron and tell her I wish her much enjoyment and relaxation in her retirement.


  4. PJ PJ

    I’ll give a hint, I’m pretty sure my target would object to the background of BB’s blog. I had numerous discussions over my target’s dislike of the color. And squares, and circles, and text, and my job description.

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