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Today is Midsummer. It’s just about the biggest holiday of the year in Sweden and Finland and I’m assuming the rest of the Nordic countries too. It should be a big holiday here too, but alas, it isn’t. Nevertheless I shared some pickled herring with Thomas and Ben from ACORN.

Then a huge crew of evangelical teens showed up and started painting.

Painting Begins

Woo hoo. Somehow I feel much better. I didn’t make it to the bayou last night for St. John’s Eve and the ritual Voudoun ceremony. I was just feeling too tired and stressed. But now I’m feeling better. Maybe it’s because the painting has begun. Maybe it’s because after I expressed my concerns the crew is working extra hard to clean up the lead paint flakes now, before my returns. Or maybe it’s because I’m set to pick up said daughter and wife from the airport in just over an hour.

Happy Midsummer.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    happy home comeing man.

    allways a good feeling.

    the wife goes back to minnasota once in a while and after the first day of freedom it starts sucking big time.

    thank god she doesnt like the ludafisk.

    so we are getting ready to paint our 1932 gentilly cottage.

    any advice about getting hooked up with acorn?

    thank you in advance.

    enjoy your girls comming home.


  2. Rick: Short answer is just to call ACORN and ask for the lead paint testing program. Be persistent and patient and don’t give up. I hope to give a longer and more complete answer when I’ve completed the process.

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