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Thoughts Before the Hike

As we hike the length of the abandoned rail line known as the Lafitte Corridor tomorrow, we’ll pass by the Lafitte public housing development. Or perhaps I should say the ruins of this development. These buildings are currently being demolished, and the sight is quite dramatic to say the least. The demolition of these properties has been extremely controversial, provoking plenty of passion both for and against.

I thought this would be a good time to revisit FOLC’s “Statement on the Lafitte Greenway and Lafitte Community,” which was formulated about nine months ago:

September 22, 2007

Friends of Lafitte Corridor (FOLC) recognizes and respects the Lafitte community’s history of association with and pioneering development of recreational and community amenities in the Lafitte Corridor. Facilities such as Lemann Playground, Lemann Pool, Sojourner Truth Center, and community gardens were developed to serve the Lafitte and Treme neighborhoods.

FOLC’s vision for the Lafitte Greenway is based upon the preservation and improvement of all existing public recreational and community amenities in the Lafitte Corridor.

The Lafitte community must be actively engaged in planning and implementation of the Lafitte Greenway.

FOLC recognizes the destructive impact of the Lafitte Community’s extended displacement and supports immediate action to facilitate the return of all displaced New Orleanians.

FOLC’s mission is founded upon the principle that all communities adjoining the Lafitte Greenway should enjoy the Greenway’s benefits equitably. These benefits will include:

  • a safe off-street route for pedestrians and cyclists linking residents to adjoining neighborhoods, schools and public facilities, places of work and commerce
  • new opportunities for public health and recreation
  • renewed investment in storm-damaged neighborhoods
  • new opportunity for promotion of environmental education and heritage tourism
  • a more sustainable, livable city

Something to think about. See you at the front gate of Armstrong Park, tomorrow morning, 10:00 AM.

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  1. alli alli

    Bart, I have info about what’s going at Lafitte and will be meeting y’all for the hike tomorrow, so I can fill you in if interested.

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