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Bloomington Floods

Once again Mr. Magic writes with news of life in my former hometown:

I thought you might enjoy these pictures of the recent flooding in btown.

It was crazy here last night. I’ve never seen this town as wet in my life,

Maybe it can give you some comfort Katrina, as nobody is safe from flooding, even downtown Bloomington.

I found more pictures on Flickr:

Bloomington Flash Flood

Of course us folks in New Orleans have one universal reaction when we see pix like this:

How can those people live there?

Sorry, can’t help it. It’s become an ingrained reflex. From what I’ve read there was very little damage and no loss of life, for which I am glad. Stay dry, Bloomington.

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  1. Andrea Andrea

    Oh, my god, my reaction, as a Katrina survivor, living in Indiana, with a currently flooded basement is, OH SHIT. I wish I had had the chance to evacuate for the storms of the past week. They were frightening and awful. We were all in the basement at 11:40 at night for a Tornado warning, with water streaming in under our feet and the power flashing on and off. If only we had been able to catch the contra flow outta town, and head down to sweet home New Orleans for our friends’ wedding instead. Although now I have strong fear of long car trips, I call it my Post Evacuation Stress Disorder.

  2. Lee Lee

    When I left my home right after the storm (5pm) I had 2 small streams on my property.

    1 mile away the highway was covered for a 200 foot stretch.

    The fire department had to rescue a family from their minivan at 17th and Monroe (just north of the hill). There is video of it somewhere, they used a ladder truck to get to them.

    This is the first time I’ve seen widespread flooding in this county or Bloomington in my life. I’ve lived here my whole life of 27 years.

    I try to send you information that you will have an interest in, as you still have some roots here.

  3. Terri Terri

    I was just in Bloomington a little over a week ago.. I just missed it… Wow.. Thanks for sharing these..

  4. Oh, no. No no no. I ask “why are those people living there?” of somebody in Wyoming or Montana, or Kansas. Not of Indiana. Don’t know exactly WHY that is, but it is, for me.

  5. I know what you mean, b. I saw it on cnn and reflexively said, “People just shouldn’t live there.” That would have been fine in my house, but I was in the lobby of a hotel in Florida. Oops. I got a few dirty looks, but fuck ’em.

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