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Mother’s Day

I couldn’t afford a genuine Punic Persephone coin but I did find a cool pewter pendant. The face of the goddess is surrounded by a sheaf of wheat, representing Demeter, her mother. The perfect gift for Persephone’s mother on her first Mother’s day.

Xy calls it an amulet.


Also, my Mom and Dad are visiting from Indiana. Seems like I haven’t seen them forever.

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  1. Lee Lee

    Happy 1st of many mothers days’ to come XY.

    I know the feeling of not seeing your parents B, since my mom moved to Louisville, it seems like I don’t see her enough anymore.

  2. dianedz... dianedz...

    XY! I have tried to keep up with you via this site, and have failed miserably — a friend of mine is vacationing in NOLA this week, so I was reminded to check and see how you are. CONGRATS on parenthood. You and B will be fabulous parents. Persephone is a beauty (LUV that name). You 2 done good. If I actually had any money (or a place to live, or a job), I would send your little goddess a fabulous gift. Will have to owe her that. Drop me an e-note if you can. Would love to catch up.

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