Something about Jazzfest (presented by Shell) inspires me to stay up all night. Even when I don’t actually go to the Jazzfest. Especially when I don’t actually go.

(For the record, we never go, unless someone gives us free tix, and this year no one has, so we’ve been celebrating our own private Jazzfest at home — every day — rain or shine.)

Tonite Tony L. stopped by our house after Jazzfest. He’s back home in New Orleans for a few days, after having moved to Seattle about a year ago. Of course he kind of misses New Orleans. We stayed up all night drinking, smoking, eating, talking.

Reminds me of a night almost three years ago exactly. Except this time I stayed home, with the baby and all, but the vibe remains the same.

  1. Wow. Hard to believe that was three years ago…What a great night!

    Thanks again for your hospitality, I still think of that night and meeting you and Xy fondly.

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