Workers of the World Unite!

You have nothing to lose but your chains!

On this May Day I salute my father-in-law Michael Paxson. He is retiring today after I don’t know how many years of bondage to the state as a civil servant.

Here’s the only picture of Mike I have handy:

Ready to Vodou

Let me also add that in the scheme of things Mike is about the best father-in-law a man could have. Xy and I decided to express our love for the man with a subscription to that bastion of his generation, the Rolling Stone. Only in a bonehead move I filled out an online form and it appears that he’s getting the magazine — and he’ll be billed for it. In perpetuity. I don’t know how we’re gonna square this.

In other news, a giant spider invaded our bedroom and we had to bust out the vacuum cleaner and throw all the furniture around to finally get the thing. Normally we wouldn’t mind the odd bug but this thing was so large it was frightening.

In other other news I’ve been contacted by a young woman, apparently from Alaska or Canada, who has shares both our daughter’s names, first and middle. Through the miracle of the internet I already feel like I know a little bit about her, and quite frankly it’s freaking me out. She seems to be very much what I imagine our daughter might grow up to be — or what she might be already if we’d gotten in the procreation game a wee bit earlier. And that’s cool. But freaky. And what on earth were her parents smoking?

  1. After working at the CSR, I have seen literally hundreds of thousands of names. Some that were very strange. By no means is your daughters name a strange one, in my professional opinion. 🙂

  2. After teaching a Lawinda Deopen, a Pete Moss, and a Rosetta Stone I dont think your lovely child’s name is all that weird either.

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