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Vision Plan

I’ve been meaning to post about the Lafitte Greenway Master Plan. Actually I’ve been told it’s more of a “visioning plan” than a “master plan” but nevertheless it’s complete and you should check it out:

Lafitte Greenway Master Plan

This is the most comprehensive statement to date on the Lafitte Greenway. It explains what the greenway is, as well as why and how it should be built.

If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, check the above link. This is one of the most positive and promising projects I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with. (I’m proud to say I’m the Chair of Friends of Lafitte Corridor.) If you like what we’re about, please consider getting involved.

In fact, we’re now making a major push to get the section between Jeff Davis and Carrollton built as soon as possible. Details are on the FOLC homepage. Please consider throwing down some bucks to help make this happen.

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  1. This would be excellent! The main thing that dissuades me from biking to work from Lakeview to downtown is traffic. I still do the 7.8 mile route occasionally, but since my bike accident I fear for my safety at some intersections on Canal. I’d be thrilled to go a little out of my way for a safer route.

    I see from the plan that the proposed greenway would link to the new Wisner path being built, however I can’t figure out how it would connect if its on the other side of the park. I’ll definitely finish reading through this plan when I’ve got some time.

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