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A Great Day in the History of My Life

April 15th is shaping up to be one of my favorite days of the year. Taxes are due, which is a drag, but so what? I always file early.

Thirteen years ago today I was amongst the team that put the first TV show online. I’ve been bragging about it ever since. I have to. ROX fan DBD sent me a note today confirming ““Global Village Idiots” is still the best television I have ever watched and April 15 is indeed a day to celebrate.” High praise from a guy I’ve never even met.

And today, Persephone smiled her first real smile. Now I know what people mean when they say, “enjoy this time.” And here I thought they were referring to the projectile diarrhea.

So, all in all, a great day.

Even as the river rises ever higher.

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  1. Yup that’s some brag-worthy stuff getting those shows online then. You know a fan is serious if he’s downloading a full episode on a 14.4 modem! One day when Persephone is on the playground she’ll be like, “oh yeah, that’s nothing… my dad put the first tv show online”

  2. I don’t remember exactly when my husband experienced an explosive, oozing-outta-the-diaper poop from our son that had him changing his shirt,
    but I do know that my finishing a major paper for my graduate course I was taking online at the time trumped that happening!

    Events such as the first online TV show evah and that little girl’s smile definitely trump the bodily functions coming out of the rear end. Mazel tov, and yashir koach!

  3. Those first smiles are the best! I’m glad you’re enjoying this time. The cool thing is, for us at least, it just keeps getting better and better. I only caught a glimpse of Persephone the other day but she is definitely a cutie (and so tiny!)

  4. Brenda Helverson Brenda Helverson

    Greers Ferry Lake is on the Little Red River in Arkansas and is a tributary of the White and then the Mississippi. I just heard that the Corps has lost control of Greer’s Ferry Dam and that the water is pouring over the floodgates. Assuming that conditions are similar at other upstream Corps lakes, it sounds as if you guys will be in for a lot more. Good luck!

  5. David David

    I’m just glad to hear you’re feeling so good.

    If the river’s getting higher, I can promise you some of it is from all the melted snow here. We were 8 inches from breaking the all-time snowfall record for Toronto. Quite an initiation.

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