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Baby Dreams

Xy has had a trio of weird dreams over the last couple nights.

In the first, she dropped our girl three times in a row, banging her little head on the floor. She was weak from the c-section and couldn’t hold her properly.

In the second dream, Xy was nursing a tiny baby (not our girl) and accidentally bit the top of its head off.

And in the final dream, Xy was nursing an absurdly tiny baby (again, not our girl) and accidentally ate her. I guess the baby just jumped in her mouth and got swallowed.

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  1. While I never had dreams of snacking on a baby, I used to dream that I had dropped Ian from our second story porch. And that I left him on top of the car. Just him, no car seat or anything. He never seemed to be hurt. I’m sure my severe lack of sleep played more than a bit part in those dreams.

  2. Andrea Andrea

    I had a dream, BEFORE Abe’s birth, that I took him out for awhile, and then when I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, I put him back in. That really freaked me out.

  3. A member of my family and a couple of friends have reported dreams of dropping babies. It’s a common maternal anxiety dream, like turning up back in school and not having studied for the final exam. As for the eating babies thing, you sure Xy isn’t part wild beast? We took care of a stray cat and her litter once, during which time mama ate one of her babies.

  4. My friend had a dream that he was a carrying a baby, it turned into a carne asada burrito, and he ate it. he was disturbed by this.

  5. Lee Lee

    My mom actually dropped my infant daughter. She was left with a black eye, and possibly some brain damage. We still ponder if that’s the reason for the seizures she’s had and the speech problem she had.

  6. julesb_town julesb_town

    i too had the leaving/dropping baby dreams after having my 1st. Not as many w/my second- not sure why?

  7. I had some along these lines while pregnant with Emma. (In the most memorable one, I was the mother of a ridiculously small baby, and I kept managing to leave it places, only to rush back later to look for it, horrified that I’d forgotten…). (In my dream it really seemed like an ‘it’ more than a real baby that I felt connected to).

    Dreams like these are just regular new parent anxiety, I think – the brain’s way of coping with the enormity of the maternal responsibility, and preparing for, or reacting to it. (Paul never seemed to have any dreams like this).

  8. Scottica Scottica

    It’s not a dream…rather a real life nightmare that happened to me. When my youngest brother Mzx was 1 we were hiking near the gorges in Ithaca, NY. My father slipped on some moss and dropped my brother down a 15 foot gorge. Max landed on perfectly flat rock with a 3 inch base of water. When we took little Max to the hospital for x-rays, they were negative, and the doctor remarked how he didn’t even have any bruising. However, this scenario was so scary that it often haunts my dreams to this day.

  9. @maitri thanks for interpreting a dream of dropping an infant… i also had that dream, in my case i dropped the neighbor’s infant twice, the baby died in the second time i dropped.. Im a college student nurse this time and i fear for my grades in maternal subject, yeah i guess so youre right that its a maternal anxiety… im glad i passed!

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