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A Walk Around the Block

We took our first stroll around the block yesterday.


Many of the sidewalks are impassable, so we had to push the stroller in the street. On Iberville I saw a renovation underway; they were sanding, with clouds of lead-based paint dust going everywhere. (I’ll be placing a call to the city’s Department of Environmental Health tomorrow morning, but who knows if it will do any good.) There are abandoned and crumbling buildings everywhere, and piles of debris make navigation a hazard.

It will certainly be a challenge, raising a child in a disaster zone.

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  1. So true. I wouldn’t get anywhere in this city if not for our jogging stroller–it has shocks and everything. The Gracos just can’t handle cracks and debris.

  2. I own a Graco, much like yours Bart. It’s fine for ideal smooth conditions, but anything else it’s not so good. We’ve had ice and snow for months and I just don’t even get it out. We also own a Baby Trend jogging stroller too, but I’ve yet to start using it since it’s got giant wheels and seemed too large in the beginning for us, but we’ll pull it out this Spring. The key is bicycle wheels.

    The B.O.B strollers are pretty cool too and not too expensive.

  3. Bart

    Good luck getting the city to do something about the lead paint. Let us know if we can help you squawk about it. It needs to be shut down for the children in the area.


  4. Frankie Frankie

    Perhaps for the baby’s sake it’s time to leave the disaster (and lead paint) zone. I know this is a radical suggestion and perhaps an unpopular one….just food for thought. Good luck trying to get the city to do anything to improve the quality of life in your neighborhood. You’ll need it. I spent hours last week at City Hall in New Orleans trying to get a few things done. While I was ultimately successful, it was an infuriating experience.

  5. […] commented a year ago (to the very day!) that some sidewalks around our home were impassable, some friends recommended a stroller upgrade. […]

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