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Editor B’s Year-End Close Out

Music really helped me get through this year, and so I wanted to do a year-end post about my favorite songs and audio oddities of 2007. I’d imagined writing a detailed annotated list itemizing what each song meant to me. Alas, I find I don’t have the time or the wherewithal for that.

So I thought I’d just give a bare listing of my top ten.

  • “Melody Day” by Caribou
  • “Hades & Persephone” by Anaïs Mitchell
  • “The Grove” by Big Blood
  • “Night Country” by Magnolia Electric Co.
  • “Gronlandic Edit” by Of Montreal
  • “Helen Hill” by Dave Cash
  • “Emma Goldman” by Panorama Jazz Band
  • “Freedom Land” by 2-Cent
  • “Final Path” by Yeasayer

But I do still want to share the love. So here’s a 150 MB zipped archive [link redacted]. Download it if you dare. It contains 29 mp3 files, and you can hear my faves for your very own self.

Happy New Year!

Update: Link redacted. But contact me if you want to share.

Also I should note that when I listed “Melody Day” by Caribou, I meant the “Four Tet Remix” version. I recently heard the original and I don’t think it holds a candle to the remix.

Also when I said “Final Path” by Yeasayer I should note it’s from their Daytrotter Session and you can hear it here.

And finally thanks to Schroeder who taped the Panorama Jazz Band for Community Gumbo. Hear ’em here.

Update: Now I’ve discovered a better way to share music: 8tracks

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  1. Moishe Moishe

    Thanks, bro…you made my I-Pod very happy. And thanks for including your moving words from the anti-crime rally. It saddens me that a year after the murder of Helen Hill her killer remains at large. I am also disturbed by the recent news in the T-P about our still outrageous crime rate. The most frightening news in the article was that hundreds, perhaps as many as 2000, people were shot in ’07 but did not die. That means that were it not for the grace of G-d or modern medicine, our murder rate would be on par with Baghdad or some other war zone. Of course the NOPD won’t release figures on the actual number of people shot.

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