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  1. This happened to me a while ago. It looks like they are trying to create a link farm, but don’t have any ads up yet. Get their contact info from whois. Contact them and ask them to remove your content. If they don’t comply, contact their registrar with a complaint about copyright infringement. They will likely recommend a third party mediator to determine if any abuse has occurred. If the mediator agrees they can recommend a number of actions to the registrar, including freezing the domain. The process moves slowly. It will take a month or two for everything to get cleared up. The first time this happened to me, the guy took down the post immediately following my e-mail. The second time, the guy told me he was using google reader to generate post and that it was my fault for posting things on the internet. I forwarded google the e-mail. After being contacted by google and the third party intermediary, he quickly changed his tune and removed my content.

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