Welcome aboard to another rox.com blogger. Avid fans of the ROX television series may remember Kelly from such classic episodes as An Amazing Concatenation of Events, A Toast to Poverty and Coping with the Shock. She’s now living in Milwaukee with her husband Paul and their beautiful baby girl. Her blog is at cheese.rox.com.

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We’ve been getting a little bit of “buzz” regarding our latest episode. Nice write-ups on Metroblogging, Three Bed Two Bath, and quite a few others. But the sweetest one is on Marathonpacks, which appears to be a kick-ass music blog. Thanks, y’all. Update: A review, quite funny in its own right, at Adrastos.

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I’ve taken over webmaster duties for the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization. I’ve been a little skeptical of this organization in the past, but I decided that I should put aside my differences for a time. We need to work together to rebuild our neighborhood and prove our viability to the city. I’ve become a big believer […]

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The university where I work is located on the edge of a neighborhood called Gert Town. Back when I lived Uptown, I used to ride my bike through Gert Town every day. Some people said I was crazy to do this. Gert Town is an economically depressed neighborhood populated almost exclusively by African Americans. I […]

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The shrook.com website has been down since July 4th and it’s really chapping my ass. See, my favorite news aggregator, Shrook, uses shrook.com for distributed checking of all the sites I read. Distibuted checking is cool; it appeals to my notions of a good cyber-ecology. Sure, I could run Shrook without using shrook.com, but that […]

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