I really hate this. I just got a call from a well-informed person in city government, who shared some juicy info that I’m just bustin’ to share. It concerns some dirty dealings related to a recent post on this blog. Problem is, in order to get in on this fascinating dope, I had to promise not to put it into writing. So, I can’t write about it. This is killing me. But at least I can say: I know something you don’t.

  1. Technically, such a gesture would have no legal weight, but public opinion-wise, it would be tremendous. At the very least, it would virtually guarantee that the Hat wouldn’t be reelected.

  2. Sorry Frolic, I really can’t give any hints, except to say that Oyster is a very observant mollusk, but that doesn’t really matter anyway because this tidbit is pretty much unguessable. I’m afraid the fantasy of the Council uniting to call for Jordan’s resignation is just that: a fantasy. From the looks of this news the Council won’t be uniting to do much anytime soon, I’m sorry to say.

  3. Yes, this should come to light in the mainstream media. I understand the TP and WWL-TV are both pursuing the story. And when it breaks, we’ll have a good indicator of just how wonky we all are. What I call “juicy” I’m sure will induce others to yawn.

    But, oh the irony. I only got the phone call because I have this blog. Not being able to write about it here is very frustrating. Dargerblond’s in the same boat, and I got a private message from another local blogger in a similar situation; he says he can’t even write about not being able to write about it.

    I’m sure this happens to professional journalists all the time.

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