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It was raining heavily this morning. I got pretty soaked on the ride to work. There was a foot of water standing on parts of Drexel Drive. I could see air bubbling up from cracks in the street as I rode past. During our staff meeting word came down (via the text messaging system, run by e2campus) that classes had been canceled after noon. So we went home early. I got well and truly soaked on the ride home. Michael says the water is waist-deep on some blocks in his part of the neighborhood.

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    B: i was out on the streets between about 1pm and 3pm.
    I’m about as certain as I can be that the pumps weren’t on during the worst of the flooding until about 145 or 200 when it became obvious that the drains started sucking water.
    I’ve heard two other people describe this.
    Have you heard anything about this?
    Any idea how to investigate whether and why they pumps may not have been running full bore starting early yesterday AM?

  2. Anthony Anthony

    The Idea of the first settlers here is that there is a big, big continent north of here through which a big, big river runs. If you control where that river meets the sea you can control basically what gets shipped into and out of that big, big continent. And keeping control is a very good way to make money. Unfortunately, recently the leadership has decided that wasn’t sexy enough so they created this whole new industry based around throwing parties so that we can create jobs for maids and bus boys and dishwashers.

  3. Jessica Jessica

    It also violates the US Constitution for a city (or a state for that matter) to control interstate commerce.

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