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My next door neighbor (now living in Texas) was a little skeptical when I told him that his house was slated for demolition. Where was the proof? An Excel spreadsheet e-mailed to me by a woman I’ve never even met. Sounds a little sketchy. And this list can’t be found on any official websites.

Fortunately Karen and Sarah were good enough to find the listing published in the Times-Picayune. Here’s the picture:


Pretty convincing proof that this isn’t just a figment of our collective imaginations. I sent this picture on to Craig. Thanks to Karen and Sarah for helping to get the news out.

Update: Karen also took a picture that illustrates the size of the demolition list. There have been so many listings the Times-Picayune published them as self-contained advertising supplements.

TP Lists

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  1. Garvey Garvey

    It’s pretty funny that anyone would have doubted this. It’s a strange thing to fabricate, and besides, the city govt isn’t exactly a tightly run ship. I mean, it’s not surprising that they would tear something down with impunity, without having first contacted the owner properly.

  2. Another home I found in Broadmoor which belongs to a prominent musician is ON the list. They called the City and where told it was NOT on the list.

    I have the newspaper to prove it to them, because I would not believe the person who answered the phone.

    More proof that this list has been put together with haste.

    My requests for the records have been met with silence and my formal Public Records request is still unfilled.

    There are a number of important issues here but for those of you who think that it is no biggie, this process is implemented with Federal Funds aka OUR MONEY.

    This will become a larger issue, and New Orleans will take the rap.

    In addition this is not the complete list. There are more as yet unpublished addresses. When the next list is done we will be buried under a tsunami of a process in which the City will not reveal criteria for inclusion on this list. One thing I have been told is that you need to produce an Engineering report to get off, but not to be put on the list.

    Go figure.

  3. So sorry! For some reason it came up when I was looking at links and it showed me that you had referenced me. Apparently you hadn’t. My sincere apologies. I’ve been getting a lot of criticism by a certain Broadmoor resident who apparently thinks I want to just bulldoze hundreds of homes. Finding out that you don’t think I’m terrible just for wanting one house taken care of has made my day! I was starting to think that everybody thought I was in favor of massive demolition! Good to know someone else out there is concerned about the state of the city.

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