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Murder Map

I’ve been fiddling around with the new crime-mapping feature. It’s pretty interesting stuff. You can put in an address and see all the crime reports for the vicinity. You can specify the radius and the time frame and filter by different types of crime.

So, for example, I was able to learn that so far this year there have been ten or eleven murders committed within one mile of our house — walking distance, more or less.


click map to enlarge

The site says eleven, but I think it’s ten, because Anthony Placide’s murder seems to be listed twice.

There have also been 51 assaults, 114 auto thefts, 217 burglaries, 46 robberies and 259 thefts — for a grand total of 698 incidents so far this year.

Mind you, these are only the incidents for which NOPD has actually filed a report. The actual numbers are undoubtedly higher.

For an excellent, thoughtful analysis of what NOPD’s new crime mapping means, please read Brian Denzer’s new essay on Digital Democracy.

Update: Strangely enough, when I checked the map again today (Aug. 20) there are now only nine murders listed in this radius from the beginning of the year.

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  1. Hmm.. there was one high profile shooting in my neighborhood a few months back that doesn’t appear on this map for some reason. Already, I’m wondering how accurate these are.

  2. Andrea Andrea

    Are you concerned that you or XY might become a victim of a crime? Those numbers are shocking to me. 10 murders in a 1 mile radius? I keep going back to make sure I read that correctly. What is the total for the city so far this year? This really worries me.

  3. Of course it worries us too. The total for the Orleans Parish so far this year is 110.

  4. I entered my address an noted that the burglary of my trailer ans the looting of my house is not there.

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