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There was only one ‘U’ movie on our list: Under Fire, 1983. Nick Nolte is a photographer running around Nicaragua with Gene Hackman and Joanna Cassidy, circa 1979, during the civil war. There’s action and politics and romance and intrigue. It was even a little educational.

It was pretty good, but could have been much better. The final scene between Nolte and Cassidy was so cheesy it really took the whole thing down a notch. Still, I’d recommend checking it out.

Under Fire was a damn sight better than U-571. But it didn’t compare to The Usual Suspects or the best U movie ever, Unforgiven.

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  1. It’s a helluva thing killin’ a man…

  2. And then there’s the “Untouchables” which… some people like.

    And “Ulee’s Gold”, which I didn’t see but the “U” category jogs up all kinda stuff.

  3. Garvey Garvey

    What, no “Up the Academy”?

  4. you like some shitty movies. i think its so annoying when they make a movie about colonialism or massacre in colonies or people resisting colonies and they tell the story through the eyes of an american or european and romantisize the people. im kind of tired so i dont have anyother way of putting this other than it’s fucked. tell the story though the people who are really expereinceing being colonized living under aprtheid. some examples of using the storytelling tactics as told above (ie the white savior documntor) are Biko(about the great late revolutionary steve biko but it’s told through a european journalist’s point of few), Salvador (which sounds very similar to the plot you discussed above except in this case the white photographer goes to El Salvador, i can’t remeber the name of this but it’s about latinas/latinas who work in the servisce industry and organized for better work conditions oh yeah it’s called bread and roses i think, but it’s told through the eyes of an organizer who is a white man and lusts after a female latina worker its pretty fucked. i urdge people to seek out stories about these issues made by people of color or colonized people are atleast centering around there experinces and them being the main charactersi urege people who are making movies and want to tell stories talk from the person who is being oppressed’s experience that’s what i care about thier “allies” are a factor in the story but you make them out to be the great white saviors who the viewer should feel sorry for and that is bullshit. but this never fails to surprise me b/c we are living in a white supremist society and a settler colony. i won’t even comment on yer favorite movie being unforgiven isnt that i cowboy flick i rest my case

  5. i meant to write that’s what i care about not thier “white allies” thier “allies” a factor in the story ………the rest of my post is the same

  6. and you need to change yer moderator or whatever b/c now my name is saved in this box and i don’t want it to be saved here

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