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I got a note today from Dr. Paul. (I finally put pen to paper and wrote him a letter last month.) By sheer coincidence, tonight CNN ran an interview with Paul. It’s the first time he’s talked on television since Helen was killed.

There was a screening of short films at Canal Place tonight, including one by Helen. We wanted to go, but we didn’t. Xy had too much homework.

I thought I would have more to say about all this, but I find I don’t.

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  1. Abeona House received a letter from Paul. It just broke my heart. He wrote about how well Francis Pop is doing, but the letter emanated complete sadness and devastation. I run into people all the time who were his patients at the clinic and it reminds me over and over again what a terrible loss this is, on so many levels.

    I didn’t see the CNN interview. I wish I’d known about it. How was it?

  2. The interview was on Anderson Cooper 360. It was about as respectfully done as one could hope for. I can’t really trust my analysis on that level though. All I can think about is how tragic the whole thing is.

  3. Little behind on my reading. Wow, I hadn’t known Paul was doing the interview.

    I’ve gotten a couple of postcards from him, which gave me the same impression–that his focus on Francis is the only thing keeping him together.

  4. Lithuanian Lithuanian

    Our heart goes out for Paul and Francis Pop. And we thank You, Bart, for keeping us aware about life in New Orleans.

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