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Fifth Annual Coffee Reduction

It’s April, so that means my annual coffee reduction ritual is in full swing. I stepped down to three cups per day last week. Now I’m at two cups per day. Next week, one cup per day. By the end of the month, I’ll be caffeine free for at least a little while.

Of course, I’ve done this before.

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  1. Peris Peris

    Is it a caffeine abstention, then? So decaf, but no tea? For how long?

    Tastes like the first time, when you slide back in, eh. Sllluuurrp.

  2. Tony Tony

    Wouldn’t have a pulse in the morning without coffee. I can’t live without it especially since rue de la course is my favourite haunt.

  3. I gave up caffeine 26 years ago, drink tons of decaf coffee and tea, both iced and hot. Found it was the ritual not the caffeine that I liked.

    That having been said, in the last few years, since moving here I now drink caffeine but only if it has rum in it and only in the evening. Have found that I kinda like it, but haven’t graduated back to the gigantic urns of Morning Thunder Tea I drank in my 20’s. Of course, rum in the morning just wouldn’t be right but it wouldn’t taste bad in Morning Thunder!

    Ehhhh, she says shaking her cane, you kiddies have Red Bull and all those new fangled energy super-caffeinated drinks, but you’ve learned to mix Jaeger with them. It took me years to learn to mix rum with my coke.

    Meanwhile, I still drink no caffeine in the morning. Hang in there.

  4. Editor B, if you haven’t heard of it, and if you have access to it, may I recommend Teeccino. Its a mixture of roasted and ground ingredients (not coffee) and chickory that makes for an amazingly coffee-like but caffiene-free brew. I’ve been enjoying it at night lately, and keeping it in mind in case I need to break the caffiene habit at some point, too.

  5. […] I never got around to it, what with the girl being born. I haven’t gone off caffeine since 2007. I feel like my internal organs are being continually bathed in acidic hot stimulants. They need a […]

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