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And a Hungover New Year

If I’d tried to post yesterday, It would have looked something like this:

Worst. Hangover. Ever. Can’t. Barely. Type.

This one took me by surprise. I correlate hangovers with drinking too much, plain and simple. But this time around, I wasn’t really that drunk. Not so’s anyone would notice. I might have expected a mild headache, but not this extreme sickness, not this complete incapacitation.

I’ve always scoffed at the notion that mixing the wrong types of alcohol exacerbates a hangover. Now I have to give that theory some credence. It was the champagne, on top of everything else, that really put it over the top. I knew that champagne was trouble when I drank it.

Man, I haven’t had a hangover this bad since the Great Gin & Tonic Debacle of ’92. Dry heaves. All day.

Now that I think about it, there has been one other common factor in my last three hangovers. His name is Tony Limjuco. So I’m blaming it all on him. That man is a danger to my health and safety. Someone needs to take him out.

New Year’s Eve was a lot of fun, what with the Orleans Avenue Bonfire and the Hoppin’ John and so forth. But New Year’s Day was a humiliating low point in a lifetime which has had more than its share of humiliating low points.

Resolved: Never again to drink champagne at 2 AM in the presence of Tony Limjuco.

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  1. Take comfort in knowing you were not alone. I suspect many fine folks started the new year in that exact condition. Glad to hear you’re feeling better today.

  2. Tony Tony

    Well at least I only come by once in a blue moon. So you were probably quite due for one Monday morning.

  3. Oh man. Hate to break it to ya, spab, but I’m a better bartender than J with one arm tied behind my back. I’d apologize to J for what might seem like a harsh assessment, but he’s not a real bartender — he just plays one on TV. He knows this already. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve been honing my mixological skills in preparation for a televised mix-off. This New Year’s Eve debacle is a mere temporary setback.

  4. Lee Lee

    So no more J&B? J vs. B has a nice ring to it though. I have to admit, it’s not all about speed though my friend. J has the charisma and showmanship thing down pat………

  5. Who said anything about speed? I think potability will be the ultimate criterion. Charisma and showmanship are important too, of course, but I wouldn’t want to compete with J on that front. It just wouldn’t be fair!

  6. spab spab

    So are you really an editor, or is Xy the brains behind that one? 😉

    I wanna see this Mix-off for sure. Where do I place my bets?

  7. Online bets… That’s a good idea. But first we have to figure out a system for adjudging the winner. (Did I use that word right?) Oh, and someone needs to inform J.

  8. I’ve found that good Champagne is better than bad Champagne. It costs more but is worth it. However, quantity and timing are important. 2 a.m. is bad timing whether it is good or bad Champagne. My worst hangovers have been from Champagne. Try mixing Menudo with it next time.

  9. Tim Tim

    We had a great time at your party. Many thanks for inviting us. Wish we could have stayed to sample the “Hoppin’ John and so forth.” You sure looked like you knew what you were doing as you cooked it.

    Peace in the New Year,


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