I was heartened to read a positive story on the front of today’s paper about Dr. Jeff Wiese, who drove around the country for months after Katrina and pretty much saved the residency program at the Tulane School of Medicine. Now the residents are trying to fill in the gap left by the closure of […]

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This past weekend felt like a watershed for my neighborhood, but it also left me feeling overwhelmed. Our Mid-City recovery planning meeting with Clifton James took place Saturday morning, and it was both uplifting and inspiring and surprising. We’d expected Clifton to make some sort of presentation. Instead, he pretty much turned it over to […]

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If you wanna get a flavor of what ROX #94 might be like, check out these segments I’ve posted. These man-on-the-street interviews were conducted in the French Quarter one month before Katrina. They are just rough cuts, so they’ll be subject to further editing. Special thanx to Erik Brewer for running camera, to Scott Brown […]

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